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Tuesday Test: Assassins

Welcome back to Tuesday Test!  Who is that who creeps in the dark?  Who is that who stalks us unseen?  Who shows up out of nowhere and ruins your day?  Richard Simmons?  Andy Dick? Well yes – but I meant … Continue reading

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How to be a Geek: Dub vrs Sub

Spoiler Alert: Geeks have strong opinions. That was a shocker wasn’t it?  Who would have thought that geeks, of all people, were opinionated people?  But it’s true.  Geek have opinions, strong opinions, about the Star War prequels, about which Starfleet … Continue reading

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Tuesday Test: Dragonball

Welcome back to Tuesday Test.  Today I decided to take a lazy day.  So instead of actually making a crossword I decided to collect the 7 dragonball and wish for one.  It just seemed easier. I LOVE Dragonball.  Be it … Continue reading

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Geekdown: Top Ten Samurai

I dig samurai.  You dig Samurai.  We dig samurai. Chicks dig samurai.  (Or is that Giant Robots?)  Anywho who doesn’t dig samurai?  Lone warrior, loyal to their masters, fighting stuff and killing people.  Done in one, son.  But who is … Continue reading

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Web Poll: Bleach, One Piece or Naruto – Fav Fighting Anime

I have always been a big anime fan, so much so that the only person I could marry had to be a anime fan as well.  Geek Love! Fighting Animes and Mangas have always been popular from Dragonball to Soul … Continue reading

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Imported Webs: Supernatural Anime Trailer

A while back I let the world know about the Supernatural Anime that was in the works, and even showed a couple of pics. Well I have more pics for you and even better, the TRAILER for the Anime series.

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Tuesday Test: Anime

Welcome Back to Tuesday Test.  This week’s topic Anime and Manga!  I have decided to try something new today so I made a Lexicon for everybody today.  The Lexicon is a hybrid between a crossword and a word search. How … Continue reading

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Imported Webs: Supernatural Anime

Everybody knows of the CW show called Supernatural, it is a popular show that has won the hearts of thousands of fans, partly for they intriguing story lines and memorable characters but a large part comes from their attractive two … Continue reading

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Preview E3 2010 – Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage

The Fist of the North Star started out as a manga that was released in 1983 and run until 1988.  In 1984 Fuji TV and Animax took the acclaim manga and turned it into an long running Anime.  After 109 … Continue reading

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Imported Webs: Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple

In the world of anime shonen (a term to describe manga for males roughly 10 and 18) fighting series are considered to be a dime-a-dozen but every once in a while a unique gem gets caught in the web.  Kenichi: … Continue reading

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