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Geekdown: Top Ten Pokémon I Want in Pokkén Tournament

So news was released that a new Pokémon game was being announced. Today we got the announcement. Pokken Tournament: a tournament fighter, like Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat, staring the Pokémon from — well —– Pokémon. The game is also … Continue reading

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Geekitorial: We Won. Now what?

In 2013, after the announcements at E3, the world learned of a 24 hour check in policy and a no lending/trading/used game policy for the newest Microsoft console Xbox One.  And the internet exploded.  People HATED that and they shunned … Continue reading

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Tuesday Test: Super Mario Super Lexicon

Welcome Back to Tuesday Test.  This week’s topic goes out to the company that I am most excited for the upcoming year.  It’s not Microsoft and it’s not Sony.  For me its Nintendo!  After 2013’s E3 I was amazed with … Continue reading

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Tuesday Test: Video Games

Welcome Tuesday Test!  Today we talk about a hobby we all know and love: Video Games!! Gaming has been around since the 1970s and in each decade, in each generation, the industry changes and grows.  The industry evolves.  So I … Continue reading

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Life in Skyrim

Originally posted on AsAlone As You Can Be:
I was conversing with my friend Abby today about Skyrim. Yes, that magical computer-generated world of dragons, magic and endless hours of organization. It occurred to me that everyday situations that would happen in…

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Preview – E3 2012 – XBOX

E3 is back and that mean VG intro, demos and press conferences!  Here is Microsoft Halo 4 The Humans have made a new ship, The Infinity, not for war but for peace.  This is a monumental event for the good … Continue reading

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How to be a Geek: Role Playing Games

Commander Sheppard slowly enters the room, her Carnifex pistol gripped tightly in her hands and leveled with her face as she comes around the corner.  She can hear them before she sees them, the heavy Bartarian breathing a dead give-away.  … Continue reading

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