Dastardly Decimal System: The Betrayal of Acererak

Content Warning: The story of Acererak is a dark one. This episode will contain references to SA and other touchy subjects. There are mentions of sexual assault and other sensitive topics. I will not dwell on them or glorify them but I still felt it required a warning.

The librarian Castor Cain and the Kitty known as Vega study the cunning and conniving schemes that led to one of the biggest betrayals in all of Greyhawk’s history. The pair steel themselves as they look at Vecna’s backstabbing apprentice, Acererak!

The story of Acererak is a topic that requires two episodes but I don’t want to make you wait as long as normal. Part Two will be out sooner! Ep 8 (Part 2) will be out on May 29. Then we will return to our regular release on June 15.

Dastardly Decimal System Resources:

  • Voice of Castor Cain: Larry Gent
  • Voice of Vega the Cat: Zid and Vash
  • Episode Tea: Lich Brew Tea
  • Episode Music: “Tenebrous Brothers Carnival – Prelude” by Kevin MacLeod from Incompetech.com. Licensed under Creative Commons

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