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Tuesday Test: SDCC 2014

Welcome Back to Tuesday Test.  SDCC.  San Diego Comic-Con.  Are there four words in this world that mean more to the geek world then San Diego Comic-Con?  I hardly doubt it. New comics news; New movies news; New game news; … Continue reading

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How to be a Geek: Dub vrs Sub

Spoiler Alert: Geeks have strong opinions. That was a shocker wasn’t it?  Who would have thought that geeks, of all people, were opinionated people?  But it’s true.  Geek have opinions, strong opinions, about the Star War prequels, about which Starfleet … Continue reading

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Web-Con: Harbour-Con Fusion

Harbour Con Fusion came and went this weekend and I got to meet some amazing people.  For those who don’t know Harbour-Con Fusion is a small (very small) con in Saint John, NB.  It’s BRAND NEW and has great potential … Continue reading

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Tuesday Test: Robin the Boy Wonder

Welcome back to Tuesday Test.  Today we look at the most well-known, and best trained, sidekick in the entire world: Robin.  From Burt Ward to Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Robin has been everywhere, fighting bad-guys, super-villains and even Luigi. The first Robin, … Continue reading

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Geekitorial: We Won. Now what?

In 2013, after the announcements at E3, the world learned of a 24 hour check in policy and a no lending/trading/used game policy for the newest Microsoft console Xbox One.  And the internet exploded.  People HATED that and they shunned … Continue reading

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42 Screens: Batman versus Bond

Geek versus Nerds is a online debate show that takes all things we want to argue about, like Ninja Turtles vrs Gargoyles, Richard Castle vrs Jessica Fletcher, Iron Man vrs Optimus Prime, and records the debates for the world to … Continue reading

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Geekitorial: Why Are Superheroes So lazy?

Recently the Geeks Versus Nerds Online Magazine went live!  They will be filling out inter-tubes with geeky, and nerdy, goodness. Geeks Versus Nerds is a online podcast that takes the topics that we all argue about, throws in some humor, … Continue reading

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