Dastardly Decimal System Podcast

Photo by Miggy Rivera on Pexels.com

What is it about villains that draw us in? We love Spike and Angelus, we adore Ganandorf and Bowser and we are obsessed with Loki and The Joker. They are complicated characters who have layers that we thrive on.

Table-top games like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Rifts, Worlds of Darknes and many others thrive on their villains. Vecna and Strahd from D&D, The Whispering Tyrant from Pathfinder, Arasaka from Cyberpunk and The Unholy from Vampire of the Requiem. These villains haunt our games and we love them for it.

This bring us to the Dastardly Decimal System Podcast.

In a hidden library, deep in the bleed that resides between universes, lives the librarian known as Castor Cain. This library is filled with scrolls, tomes and books all about the various evils and villains of the multiverse. With a fresh pot of tea, Castor will help you in your research – be you a hero on a quest or a would-be bad with plans of conquest – and tell you everything you need to know.

Each episode is a deep dive into a singular villain. Castor looks at who these villains are, he examines the evil that they do and ponders why we love to hate them.

The first episode is live now. Zoom over to midnightreadingaudio.com to learn more

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