Dungeons & Dragons

I have been slinging dice for a long time. I have taken one character or another through endless dungeons, slain numerous monsters and saved the world countless times. Some of my best moments have been at a table with friends by my side, a character sheet before me and putting it all on the line with a single roll. Now, after years of playing Dungeons and Dragons, I get to give back and help others players have those epic moments.


I, with Midnight Reading Publishing, are putting out a line of Dungeons and Dragons supplements.


dndcoverIt’ll Only Cost You A Soul: A Warlock’s Guide to Patrons
Are you a warlock looking for a patron? Do you have a soul to trade? Then this guide is for you. This guide will show you various patrons looking to make a deal. The guide contains write-up and stats for patrons of each design. They will give you history, motivation and even secrets for each of the creature looking to make a deal.

Bring your game to next level by giving your warlock a patrons that your entire table will remember.