The Benedict Forecasts

My name is Benedict Thompson and I am a superhero.  With a single touch I can read an item’s past.  I can tell you who used that pen before you, I can describe how that shoe was made and I can describe everything that has been done on that motel room bed.

Not every superpower is a blessing.

Never Been to Mars (Benedict Forecast #1)
25724051Ever since Benedict came back from Iraq, he’s been different.  He can’t stand people, he ignores his family and he has psychic powers.  He hates his powers.  All Ben wants to do is ignore his powers, ignore the world and just enjoy movie after movie thanks to Netflix but when his nephew Robbie goes missing Ben is forced to man up and uses his powers to find him.


To Money and a TV (Benedict Forecast #2)
cover1The TV-Loving-Psychic-Detective Benedict Thompson is back!!  Ben is working, TV is better and he has a kinda-sorta-but-not-really girlfriend. But when an evil movie quoting sniper starts taunting him over the phone.  Worst of all his kinda-sorta-but-not-really girlfriend wants to talk about his relationship,



Bluenose Paradox
bluenose.jpgLarry Gent and Valérie Gent, working alongside Hal-Con, assemble a cast of East Coast authors for this short story collection.  BP is a book that tells the legend of an army of scarecrows protecting the people of tomorrow, tells the tale of a elf looking for her long lost lover in modern day, asks what happens when a clone become a different persons as well as sharing many more stories ranging from Fantasy to Science Fiction and everything in between.


14581076.jpgThis collection of short stories are all apart of the Engen-verse.  Be introduced to Benedict Thompson, the psychic detective, in his first appearance You have the Touch. 


Sci-Fi on the Rock Returns
17819652The Sci-Fi on the rock collection returns with a new batch of short stories edited by Larry Gent.  The collection of short stories including Larry’s stories Recruitment Opportunities and Mirrored Blade.




Larry has also participated in the charity fundraising book series FEARSOME FABLES and FEARSOME FABLES 2