Dastardly Decimal System: The Betrayal of Acererak

Content Warning: The story of Acererak is a dark one. This episode will contain references to SA and other touchy subjects. There are mentions of sexual assault and other sensitive topics. I will not dwell on them or glorify them but I still felt it required a warning.

The librarian Castor Cain and the Kitty known as Vega study the cunning and conniving schemes that led to one of the biggest betrayals in all of Greyhawk’s history. The pair steel themselves as they look at Vecna’s backstabbing apprentice, Acererak!

The story of Acererak is a topic that requires two episodes but I don’t want to make you wait as long as normal. Part Two will be out sooner! Ep 8 (Part 2) will be out on May 29. Then we will return to our regular release on June 15.

Dastardly Decimal System Resources:

  • Voice of Castor Cain: Larry Gent
  • Voice of Vega the Cat: Zid and Vash
  • Episode Tea: Lich Brew Tea
  • Episode Music: “Tenebrous Brothers Carnival – Prelude” by Kevin MacLeod from Incompetech.com. Licensed under Creative Commons

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Dastardly Decimal System: The Horde of Themberchaud

Episode 4 of the Dastardly Decimal System Podcast is live!

The Kitty known as Vega and his pet librarian, Castor Cain, do some cinematic research as they look at Themberchaud, the Chunky Red Dragon from the new movie Dungeon & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

Who is the THICC BOI red dragon that graced out screens in Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves? Why does he live in the underdark and why is he soo……rotund?

This dragon goes all the way back to the early days of D&D and was last seen in the Out of the Abyss adventure path.

Castor and Vega dive deep into the red dragon’s lore and look at the wyrm who stole the show in the lasted D&D movie!!

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Web Appearance: Nintendo Therapy Podcast

I got to be a guest host this week on the Nintendo Therapy Podcast. Hanging out with the guys, I got to talk about Nintendo Switch Rumours, Pokémon Cards, Spanky’s Quest and his love of Star Fox.

He even gets a chance to talk about my new project, The Dastardly Decimal System Podcast!

It was a lot of fun and deserve a listen!

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DDS Episode 4: The Ride of Jasper Stone

Episode 4 of the Dastardly Decimal System Podcast is live! In this episode, we travel to the weird west and ride across the Deadlands in order to learn about the unstoppable revenant known as Jasper Stone

Librarian Castor Cain and his kitten Vega look at this undead cowboy who acts as a servitor of death.

What is the past of the Deathly Drifter and why should we all fear him?

This podcast is available now on Stitcher, Apple Podcast, Spotify or where ever you get your podcasts!

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Dastardly Decimal System Episode Two

Episode two of the Dastardly Decimal System dropped today!

The librarian Castor Cain dives in Golarion lore as he looks into the ghastly horrors and the insanity driven murder spree of the frightening ghost known as The Splatterman!

The Splatterman is a murderous wizard who kept his killing spree going even after his arrest and his death.

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For those who missed the first episode, it can still be downloaded and listen to.

IN the first episode, Castor Cain dives into Avernus to look at the former, future and true ruler of the first layer of hell — Bel, Lord of the first

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Dastardly Decimal System Podcast

Photo by Miggy Rivera on Pexels.com

What is it about villains that draw us in? We love Spike and Angelus, we adore Ganandorf and Bowser and we are obsessed with Loki and The Joker. They are complicated characters who have layers that we thrive on.

Table-top games like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Rifts, Worlds of Darknes and many others thrive on their villains. Vecna and Strahd from D&D, The Whispering Tyrant from Pathfinder, Arasaka from Cyberpunk and The Unholy from Vampire of the Requiem. These villains haunt our games and we love them for it.

This bring us to the Dastardly Decimal System Podcast.

In a hidden library, deep in the bleed that resides between universes, lives the librarian known as Castor Cain. This library is filled with scrolls, tomes and books all about the various evils and villains of the multiverse. With a fresh pot of tea, Castor will help you in your research – be you a hero on a quest or a would-be bad with plans of conquest – and tell you everything you need to know.

Each episode is a deep dive into a singular villain. Castor looks at who these villains are, he examines the evil that they do and ponders why we love to hate them.

The first episode is live now. Zoom over to midnightreadingaudio.com to learn more

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Tuesday Test

Welcome to the Tuesday Test Landing Page!

Here you will find page links to various other crosswords, word searches and other various puzzles on topics ranging from Star Wars, Pixar, Mass Effect and dozens of other topics!

I love making them and I hope y’all enjoy solving them just as much.


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42 Dice: It’ll Only Cost You A Soul

dicelogoI am an avid dice slinger. I have been doing it for years and I don’t see it ending anytime soon. I love building characters, running game and making worlds. None of this should be a surprise to anyone as I do the exact same thing as a writer. In fact, being a DM for Dungeons and Dragons is what help me become an author. Some of my best moments in life have been at a table, with friends by my side, a character sheet in one hand and the dice that will decide my fate in the others. It doesn’t get much better then this.

Now, after many years of playing, I get to give back to the D&D world with the hopes that someone else will have those same great moments that I did.

I released my first supplement this week and it touches on one of my fav classes – Warlocks. Back in 3.x, the warlock was flavourless. It was just a unrefined arcane caster. In 4e they became someone who made a deal for power. They were people who desperate, power hungry or eager for magic when the weave changed. In 5e they went further with it. Now a patron are just as varied as the warlocks they work with. Who a patron is and what they want is just as important as the warlock themselves. My first D&D supplement dives into the well of patrons and give something that will really bring your warlock to the next level.

dndcoverIt’ll Only Cost You A Soul: A Warlock’s Guide to Patrons
Are you a warlock looking for a patron? Do you have a soul to trade? Then this guide is for you. This guide will show you various patrons looking to make a deal. The guide contains write-up and stats for patrons of each design. They will give you history, motivation and even secrets for each of the creature looking to make a deal.

Bring your game to next level by giving your warlock a patrons that your entire table will remember.


This warlock’s guide gives players and DM nine different patrons to use. Each is given a write-up of the patron’s history, goals, motivation and future plans. It has details on what type of warlock they look for and what they need them to do. It even includes stats for combat because —- there is always that one player.

Will your warlock swear loyalty to a unicorn, a mad lich or will your paladin/warlock make a deal with the sentient Holy Avenger?

Happy Hunting, Warlocks!

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Year of the Ben

yearofbenIt’s been five years since Ben’s first book – Never Been To Mars – launched. We are celebrating the anniversary with a series of surprises and releases for fans, both old and new.

We have dubbed 2018 as the Year of the Ben!

We are celebrating with SEVEN – count them 7 – special releases, all in the Ben-Verse! Our surprises will be revealed throughout the year. Some will be new products, some will be new releases an some will just be SURPRISING! #yearoftheben

29244170_1727622947258918_7402246641392025600_n We’ll keep you updated here. STAY TUNED as each card is revealed.

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givawayIt’s giveaway time!!

This is fun time of the year where I get to give away free books to eager readers. It’s not often that I get to do this so I very am excited too be able to give the gift of the written word. All you have to do is enter by clicking HERE!!


  • 1 of six (6) physical books – signed however you want them
  • Free VCO bookmarks drawn by Valerie Gent
  • DRM-Free epub of my VCO ebooks
  • Other Goodies!
  • My admiration!

You can win all that? LE GASP!! How can this be true? Is it true? IT IS!!! I get to be Oprah and give all this away!  You get a book! You get a book! You get a book!




All contestants must submit the form but aside from that there are additional ways to win. Between September 10, 2017 – Sept 30, 2017 do the following to get ballots

    • Sign up for the drawing by clicking on the button below or here – 1 Ballot
    • Share this link on twitter and tag @42webs  – 1 Ballot
    • Share this link on Facebook and tag Larry Gent – 1 Ballot
    • Smile – PRICELESS (This doesn’t get you a ballot but, hey, we can all smile a lil more)


  • Just by signing up you’ll get a free ebook. See, you’re already getting books just by signing up.
  • Winners of any additional ebooks will receive an email to coordinate delivery via email.
  • Winners of any physical books will be contacted by email to coordinate delivery via snail mail.



Q – What if I don’t want the book made out to somebody other than me?

A – It’s your book. Do you want me to sign it to your significant other? I’ll do that. If you want me to sign it to your grandma? I’ll do that. Do you want me to sign it to you cat? I’ll do that. [Funny story: I’ve done that at a con before. I wrote most of the dedication in meows.  I thought it was purrrrfect]


Q – Where can I get the book shipped?

A – To your home?  I dunno.  Pretty much anywhere. We’ll figure that out via email when you win.

Q – What can I do with my epub after I’ve got it?

A – Whatever you want. Share it with friends and family. Read it to your dog. Use it as a bedtime story for you cat. It’s yours. Enjoy!

Q – Why are you doing this act of good? Are you Santa? Are you Batman? Are you both?

A – Hush!! The secret of Bat-Santa must remain just that, a secret.

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