Preview E3 2011 – Nintendo

Here we go Nintendo!!!

They open with a Zelda montage celebrating 25 year of the series and an orchestra playing the theme song for skyward Song.  They showed footage of Sykward sword and told us that classic Zelda titles will be available for DL on other consoles.

Onto the 3DS – which despite large launch sales has not met expectations.  This will change.

Mario Kart

This 3DS game has the grouping putting aside their differences to drive around.  The trailer showed the group using hang gliders and subs – their karts adapting on the fly.

Star Fox 3DS

Fox is back this Sept 2011.  The game plays in two methods.  The classic method with the sticks or a new method involving moving the 3DS itself up, down, too and fro.  The camera will track you face during multiplayer.


Coming out late 2011 this game looks like a Hybrid between the New Super Mario Bros. And the Galaxy series.  The major factor that will have people talking is the return of the Raccon suit and tail.

Kid Icarus rising

Details are finalll being released with this game soon to be released.  Pit is fighting the hordes of the Underworld.  3 vrs 3 multiplayer.

Luigi’s Mansion 2

This is not a port or a rehash.  This is a new game, a new adventure for the Green Plumber.  The game will have multiple mansions.

3D classics

Nintendo is releasing 3D remakes of classic games. 3D excitebike was the prime example

Pokedex 3D

This free app will give you trading functions to let you go and collect all the Pokemon data for your Pokemon (who will appear on your screen in 3D)

The new console was revealed as well and it is called the WiiU.  The big draw, and focus, was the controller.  The tablet controller has a touchscreen built in to the middle of a classic controller (only bigger).  It has the ability to play the game on the small screen instead of the Tv when needed.  It is 1080 HD and stronger then the Xbox360 and PS3.

Announced games are Darksiders 2 at launch, Batman: Arkham City, Lego City Stories, Assassin’s Creed, Ghost recon online, Aliens colonial madness, Tekken, Dirt, Metro last light, Ninja gaiden 3: razor’s edge, Madden, and Battlefield 3.

Also announced was TWO Super Smash Bros. Games for WiiU and 3DS that will connect.

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