Preview E3 2011 – Ubisoft

Welcome to E3 2011.  First off the block for me is UBISOFT’s presentation!

Here we go!! (Wait wrong company lol)

The focus was simple – it’s been 25 years for UBISOFT and they were not letting us forget it!  In a humorous (but quickly getting tiring) bit they new old game in versions of what they would look like 25 years ago.

Rayman Origins:

A game that reminds me of Jak 1, is a side scroller (annoucned last year) in the classic rabbit-less Rayman series.  It has a classic cartoony feel buts looks difficult.  You switch between two characters, Rayman and a blue blob, in a classic style reminiscent of Donkey Kong Country.  After a short scene the heroes jumped into jets and the game suddenly became Rayman: R-Type.

Driver San Fransico

Another game introduced last year – we see new video work of the new Driver game when you can leap from body to body to keep the car chases running smoothly.  The new trailer made no mention of the body jumping ability.  This game was introduced by a very rude, tired meme quoting annoying guy.


This video opens with a plane crash on a Cuban style island, a photographer taking pictures of rebel armies, and then being caught and pistol whipped.  The unnamed is tied to a brick, forced to listen to a crazy guy and then kicked into the water to drown.  He emerged from a waterfall, preforms a stealth kill and now has an AK-47 in this beautiful FPS.  After a daring attack, a wondrous rescue we see the same psycho guy who ranted at us earlier and the words appear on the screen: Farcray 3 – The surprise of the show.

Brother in Arms: Fur

They spoke about Brother in Arms, leading down a wrong path before revealing what the game actually was a spinoff.  This game, visually and gore-illy (a new word i swear) is inspired by Inglorious Bastards.  This ‘special WW2 unit’ hunts nazis.

Tin Tin

Steven Spielburg tell us about the new tie in for his movie, a 3D action game for Tin Tin.  Why have we had to wait this long for a Tin Tin game?  WHY!?!?

Tom Clancy: Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

We see new gameplay for this much anticipated game.  We see new devices (mini-helidrons), HUD goggles, active camo (makes for realy good stealth kills), line-based targeting, optics goggles, specialty breach equipment, SAT scans (google Earth on crack lol),.  This years demo had more action and better combat that previous years’ had.  The demo ends with them preforming an extraction on a VIP

Tom Clancy: Ghost Recon Online

An online free FPS brings Ghost Recon back to the PC where many believe it belongs.  Absolutely FREE.

Track-Mania: Canyon

A boaster faster, stronger, prettier version of the first.  This online racer opened with a STUNNING trailer and some insane tracks.  September 2011

Raving Rabbits: Alive and Kicking

This new Kinect allows you to do what we always wanted – to reach out and bitch slap a bunny.  They showed a couple of mini-games using the device, bunny-wack-a-mole and fill the shape.  It will be released November 8th.

Just Dance 3

This is the best selling dance game to DATE!!  So here is number 3.  Now out for Playstation Move and Wii.  The trailer showed regular people and celebs using the new game, dancing with mostly Wii.  This dance game has been MASSIVE!!


This game takes the skill of playing a REAL guitar and makes it a game.  You plug you REAL guitar (no plastic substitute) and puts you into a Rockband/Guitar Hero type of game.  Available October 2011

Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2011

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations

Assassin Creed – Everybody was waiting for this one.  The next Ezio chapters.  In Ezio Final chapter is on a personal quest to discover Altair secrets.  The trailer starts with him bound and caught after sailing the seas, walking the desert, climbing mountains.  This old and grizzled Ezio, still sexy and suave, still fights with his skill, but he better now.  Relying less on his own strength and instead using a fighting style similar to Akido.  Using your enemy’s strength and power against themselves instead of relying simply on your own which seems to be a nice evolution to Ezio.  The trailer ends with him being escorted up to a Faith dive and having a noose put on him.  He is in Constanoble when the gameplay starts.  We see combat and items that require you to fight in Eagle vision.  Ezio has a grappling hook.  Sadly nothing is revealed about Desmond Miles but the trailer ends with a glitch in the Anamus and a glowing door.  Out this November.

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