Preview E3 2011 – Assassin’s Creed Trailer

This years E3 showed us the new Assass’s Creed Game during Ubisoft’s presentation.

In Ezio Final chapter is on a personal quest to discover Altair secrets.  The trailer starts with him bound and caught after sailing the seas, walking the desert, climbing mountains.  This old and grizzled Ezio, still sexy and suave, still fights with his skill, but he better now.  Relying less on his own strength and instead using a fighting style similar to Akido.  Using your enemy’s strength and power against themselves instead of relying simply on your own which seems to be a nice evolution to Ezio.  The trailer ends with him being escorted up to a Faith dive and having a noose put on him.  He is in Constanoble when the gameplay starts.  We see combat and items that require you to fight in Eagle vision.  Ezio has a grappling hook.  Sadly nothing is revealed about Desmond Miles but the trailer ends with a glitch in the Anamus and a glowing door.  Out this November.

Here is the trailer

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