Web-Con: My Panel

cropped-HCFHEADDER-chris1So I went to Harbour-Con Fusion this weekend and aside from doing a pair of shows for Geeks versus Nerds I also hosted a panel on writing and blogs.

SCHEDFINAL1I called it Blogging for Benefit: Betterment Begins with Blogs

Oh god….did I really call it that?  (sigh) Me and my love affair of alliteration is becoming weird.

So it was a small panel (it was also a small con), but I had a nice number.  My seminar talked about blogging and how it could benefit your business, your career aspects, your writing, and all around parts of his life.

I was that SIT ON THE TABLE type of teacher

OK – Let’s rap!

I’ve always enjoyed public speaking and was happy to have been able to do a panel on a subject I was so passionate about.  I got numerous interesting questions on how to make your stand out, how to promote it and how to avoid the pitfalls that others have fallen in.

And yes – I was that SIT ON THE TABLE type of teacher

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