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Spider Notes: The Benedict Playlist

Music has always been a big part of my life. I use it for everything. I use music to sleep, I use music to play video games, I use it to read, to exercise (as if), play Magic and above … Continue reading

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Web-Con: My Panel

So I went to Harbour-Con Fusion this weekend and aside from doing a pair of shows for Geeks versus Nerds I also hosted a panel on writing and blogs. I called it Blogging for Benefit: Betterment Begins with Blogs Oh … Continue reading

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Tome of Geek: Nanowrimo 2011

November has come and gone and now there simply remains one question.  Did I make it? Nanowrimo, the National Novel Writing Month, is an online contest that asks you to pen 50 000 words in a 30 day period.  Is … Continue reading

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Tome of Geek: NaNoWriMo

As NaNoWriMo reaches it halfway point it’s I felt that I should post something about it. Writing is hard. For those of your who don’t know Nanowrimo stands for National Novel Writing Month.  This is an annual creative writing project … Continue reading

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