Web-Con: Harbour-Con Fusion

cropped-HCFHEADDER-chris1Harbour Con Fusion came and went this weekend and I got to meet some amazing people.  For those who don’t know Harbour-Con Fusion is a small (very small) con in Saint John, NB.  It’s BRAND NEW and has great potential to grow.  I really hope it does.

New Faces


Johnny 5 is alive – in T-Shirt form

K.M. Cooper
I met a brilliant young writer named K.M. Cooper.  She wrote a book called Hub City Survival which is about a zombie apocalypse in NB.  We had drinks and chatted.  Why is it authors and drinks go hand-in-hand?  I kept trying to get a picture of me and her but time never presented itself.

Ok truth time: It did; I just am a procrastinator.
So I had to grab a picture another friend took and use that.  If it looks like I cropped somebody out of this picture…..I did.

I really hope I can work with her soon.

Familiar Faces (Cause Old Face sounds mean!!)


We were told to look dignified. It took 37 takes.

C.S. MacCath
Last year at Hal-Con I was the personal assistant to a monster of a lady.  Her name: C.S. MacCath.  I mean this woman was my boss all weekend (during HC2012) and made me do unspeakable things (which is why I am typing them) like SIT DOWN and HAVE A LEMON TART.  The MONSTER!!

Truth Time: I loved PAing for MacCath.  She was wonderful.

Below is a transcript of us together at this weekend.

C.S. MacCath: (to a customer) Hi! My name is Ceallaigh and I write as C.S. MacCath
Me: And boy was C.S. MacCath pissed when she found out!
C.S. MacCath: I know, right!!!


This makes up for cropping you out of the last one!

Darren Hann
I met Darren Hann years upon years ago at an event called Hal-Con.  This is a threat to all mankind.  He makes movies, runs cons and writes.  See a threat!!  —- wait what?  It’s pronounced TRIPLE THREAT?  Oh….so what I said mean something COMPLETELY different.   Oh……..I gotcha!

This year we shared a stage for our Geeks versus Nerds debate Redshirts vs Stormtroopers: Who is the more ineffectual army?  We were on team Stormtrooper.   Turns out Stormtroopers are too good at their job to be ineffectual.  Who knew?

Truth Time: —uh—-  crap I have no truth for this……..only lies I guess!


Damn! You ARE taller then me!

Robert Maillet
I would like to introduce you to the biggest actor in Hollywood: Robert Maillet.  He’s the guy from 300, Immortals and Sherlock Holmes.  He is also Russian Jaeger Pilot Aleksis Kaidanovsky in Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim.  I got to see him again – I met him a couple years ago at HC (man I do a lot in HC don’t I?).

Truth Time: I thought I was bigger….I was not.

Did a Q and A and somebody called Aleksis Kaidanovsky the Boba Fett of  the Pacific Rim series.  He was there, didn’t say much, and developed a cult following.  He found that cool.

So all in all the con was kewl and I did two stage shows for them and even hosted my own panel on Blogging but that’s coming up soon!!

Batman: You're going down Stiltman! RM: I'm not stiltman -- and isn't he Marvel? Batman: I...er....I'm BATMAN!!

Batman: You’re going down Stiltman!
RM: I’m not stiltman — and isn’t he Marvel?
Batman: I…er….I’m BATMAN!!


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