Geek This: Magic: The Gathering Comic

You should be geeking the Magic: The Gathering ongoing.

We all know Magic: The Gathering (MTG) it’s a collectable card game that has been around forever and is still going strong.  Early this year marks the release of the second set in the Innistrad Block – Dark Ascension – as well as the soon to be released Venser vrs Koth duel decks.  However 2012 also comes with a new ongoing comic series from IDW.

The story is about planeswalker thief Dack Fayden, a seemingly red/blue walker who has a blood-stained arm and enjoys taking things that are not his.  The comic, written by Matt Forbeck and inked by Martin Cóccolo, follows the planeswalker as he hunts for his family and a mysterious woman names Sifa.

Why Care?

The comic doesn’t shy away from what makes magic great, the multiple planes and the ease in which some travel through them.  In the first issue Dack jumps into no less than twice and sees the visions of two other worlds including Innistrad itself.

The comic, which comes with a free card, is written with a smooth narrative.  Dack is not an original character; he’s a thief with a hidden past.  He is Sawyer, he is Han Solo.  He is just THAT GUY.  Yet despite the traditional character I find myself interested in Dack.  Personally I am glad that this wasn’t about any of the main planeswalkers.  I like those characters but the multiverse doesn’t circle around those 13 people.  There are many more out there and it’s nice to see them make appearances.

Issue one is drawn with some brilliant artwork.  Martin Cóccolo does a good job of drawing traditional character like devils and lizardmen, but giving them the MTG touch.  The lizardmen arn’t the same as DND lizard men, they are the viashino and Martin Cóccolo does a great job of making that distinctive.

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4 Responses to Geek This: Magic: The Gathering Comic

  1. I am becoming more and more impressed with IDW all the time. They’re still considered the “fourth” comics publisher yet they’re the first in quality lately.

  2. Awesome read, thanks for sharing

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  4. this magic the gathering game is all about luck and some tricks which may make some changes in game.

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