The Biblio Files

Genre: Spy novel, mystery, international intrigue

Notes: 6/50 books for the year.  I usually don’t read spy novels, and I remember why.  Not that this book isn’t good, but I am constantly shuffling back and forth between pages trying to remember why I am supposed to hate one person, who screwed who, and who is a double agent who double crossed his double crosser.

Review: Good god, can Hugh Laurie do no wrong? He is an actor, hot to boot, and now an author? For all of you who live under a rock, Hugh Laurie plays Dr. House, but is actually a British actor with a ridiculously sexy British accent and played on some British comedy shows like Black Adder. I read this entire novel in a British accent.  Sometimes out loud.  To my cat.

However, I will admit that this book did not blow my socks off.  Yes, Hugh…

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