Geek This: The Equations Series

You should be geeking the Equation Series.

Let me set the tone.  In the mid twenty first century an intelligent bio-weapon called Omega forced humans to abandon the planet, this left Earth without a dominate species and without a source of food for Omega to feed upon.

Seven hundred years later the descendents of humanity return, fuelled by a false religion, and determined to retake their home.  However this seemingly easy task is complicated by the discovery of a new race guarding their former home, a race called the Earthers.

They started from mutated wolves, cats and bears and grew into a new humanoid species.  These Earthers are better than humans in almost every conceivable way.  They are stronger, faster and have a greater level of technology and best of all they have been studying the human history and doing their best to learn from the mistakes of Earth’s past.

Kenneth TamThe Earthers seem to be the solution to humanity’s problems.  The friendly Earthers quickly become dragged into a war they had no plans on fighting.  First they fought with the humans then with their enemies the feudal Larosians and the animalistic Kroggs.

Why Care?

This futuristic naval warfare book is a testament to good solid writing combined with a solid knowledge of classic naval warfare.  The author, Kenneth Tam, does an excellent job of painting a vivid Roddenberry-esq space battle or a Tom Clancy sub duel.  You always seem to know what’s going on with characters and ship with great detail but without feeling overwhelmed by techno-babble.

One of the key aspects of the books is the work Tam puts into the alien races.  They don’t seem like a stereotype or an overdone race, they seem original with a tinge of familiarity.

If you like this:

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  2. You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight. Jim Rohn

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