Web-Con: Hal-Con Day 1

So the first day has come and gone and with little problems.  Halcon is on its way and already successful.

Day 1 brought signing and photographs with Drakaina Muse, Walter Koenig and Denise Crosby, writer’s panels with PJ Haarsma, Matthew LeDrew, Kenneth Tam and David C. Rhind, and special science fiction panels about Plasma Rockets, , Sustainable Energy, Robotics and 3D Movies & Gaming.

But what drew a crowd was the special Hal-Con preview of Tron and Walking Dead.  The screening room filled as they shows the preview material for the upcoming Disney film, and the AMC undead series all with the  accompanying host of Space’s Innerspace: Teddy and AJay.

The night closed down with a formal VIP guest party and finished with a bang with a massive Masquerade Ball.

All in all it was a solid night and a solid beginning for the Halloween weekend Con!

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