Web-Con: Hal-Con Day 2

While Day 1 was good, the second day is where the con really took off.

Hal-Con had two separate exclusive product launches on that day, one from author Nina Munteanu, and the second was the master art book and comic from model Drakaina Muse.  There was a DVD launch from MST3K and their stars Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy which included a live riff of a short movie about grass.

There was a panel from Conor McCreey, co-creator of Kill Shakespeare, a reading from Kenneth Tam and his latest book The Frontier (a brilliant story by the way). There was a Doctor Who panel (staring yours truly) and Teddy Wilson from Innerspace.

These were followed by an Innerspace panel, a demonstration of combat from The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), a seminar on getting published, writer critiquing, drawing anime, writer’s toolkits, and a popular seminar on how to survive a zombie attack.

SFX hosted a difficult geek trivia contest, with a wide support of prizes, and there was also a geek jeopardy, but the real draw of the night was Geeks Versus Nerds.

Geeks verses Nerds had three battles.  The first was Spock vrs Vader, who is the best Second in Command.  The next was Han Solo vrs Malcolm Reynolds, but these were followed by the all celebrity edition of geeks verses nerds.  On one side it was Kenneth Tam, Teddy Wilson, and Bill Corbett on Team Stormtroopers, on the other was Conor McCreery, Ajay Fry and Kevin Murphy and Team Red shirt.  The  topic: Who is the most ineffectual army.

The biggest, and most talked about event, was a live phone call from Nathan Fillion during the Mal vrs Han battle.  The call had the entire room screaming and yelling and gave Mal that boosted needed for a win, a cheating win but a win none-the less.

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