Web-Con: Hal-Con Coverage

So after much waiting and planning (not by me), the weekend that we have been eagerly anticipating is here.  This is the weekend that we get to dress up in costumes, dance around, geek out, and stare longingly at celebrities.  This is Hal-Con.  The only thing that would make it better would be if it were Halloween weekend —- wait what? — It is? — HURRAH!!

Hal-Con is the geek con that takes place in Halifax.  Hal-Con has a long history in Halifax, and was running annually for many years in the 1970s and 1980s, but after a booking disaster which put a geek con and a hockey team in the same hotel, a fight, a drug overdose, and a fire (or so the legends say) Hal-Con went away.

But it is back!  However this is a new Hal-Con.  The 2010 Hal-Con is a revival of the old convention by the same name, but under new management. The official organizing committee is made up of volunteers.

So 42 Webs has sent its prized reviewer….ok ONLY reviewer…. into the depth of the Savage Halifax to go to Hal-Con.

Actors There This Weekend: Walter Koenig, Denise Crosby and Kevin Murphy

We will give you a review of the weekend’s events.  Stayed Tuned!

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1 Response to Web-Con: Hal-Con Coverage

  1. D.C. Rhind says:

    Enjoyed meeting and talking with Larry. the entire weekend was a blast, from being on a press conference panel with Walter Koenig to giving a workshop on writing, to talking and joking with the charismatic PJ Haarsma, to just meeting all the diverse and fascinating people who passed by my table in the “writers’ cave.” Never been to a Con as an author before; never been to a Con period. (I have to get out of the cave more!)

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