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Tuesday Test: Spaceship

Welcome back to Tuesday Test.  Today we look at the celestial machines that fly us from one corner of space to the other.  Today we look at Spaceships. From Serenity to the Enterprise, the Falcon to Moya, everybody has their … Continue reading

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Tome of Geek: Redshirts by John Scalzi

I am going to review REDSHIRTS by John Scalzi.  In order to give this the review it deserves it will involve spoilers.  I’ll try to limit them but I can only go so far.  So here it is – before … Continue reading

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Spilled Ink: Doctor Who/Star Trek Crossover

Recently the Geeks Versus Nerds Online Magazine went live!  They will be filling out inter-tubes with geeky, and nerdy, goodness. A buddy of mine, Matt LeDrew, decided to throw his hat into the ring and join the GVN:OM writing staff.  … Continue reading

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Web Con: The Out of this World Tour

When you think of the biggest name in scifi and fantasy a lot of the big names come up.  Star Trek and Star Wars, Batman, Highlander, and Blade Runner just to name a few.  What do each of these have … Continue reading

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Tuesday Test: Time Traveller Lexicon

Welcome Back to Tuesday Test.  This week’s topic has already happened, or will happen, or has yet to happen to some but has already happen to others….unless of course you kill your father before you are born.  Damn Time Travelling … Continue reading

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Tuesday Test: Races of Star Trek

Welcome Back to Tuesday Test.  This week’s topic The Races of Star Trek!  I have decided to try something new today so I made a Lexicon for everybody today.  The Lexicon is a hybrid between a crossword and a word … Continue reading

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Geekdown: Top Ten Space Ships

Science fiction is a genera filled with great heroes, monsters, strong women and epic battles, but one of the best things about science fiction are the ships.  These things are golden icons, memorable builds, and often become characters all on … Continue reading

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Web-Con: Hal-Con Coverage

So after much waiting and planning (not by me), the weekend that we have been eagerly anticipating is here.  This is the weekend that we get to dress up in costumes, dance around, geek out, and stare longingly at celebrities.  … Continue reading

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42 Screens: S#*! My Dad Says

I am happy to see William Shatner on tv. This fall marks the premier of the new show S#*! My Dad Says, which aired after The Big Bang Theory.  The show, which stars William Shatner, Jonathan Sadowski, Will Sasso, Nicole … Continue reading

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