Preview – E3 2012 – XBOX

E3 is back and that mean VG intro, demos and press conferences!  Here is Microsoft

Halo 4

The Humans have made a new ship, The Infinity, not for war but for peace.  This is a monumental event for the good guys but when they’re attacked by a totally new enemy they need their greatest hero.  They need Master Chief.  New HUD, smooth graphics.    The trailer shows the covenant attacking but in small groups but the new enemy, a techno looking dog groups, swarm.  These guys look like the badguys from Tron 2.  Cortanna is an AI, and AI start to break down after seven years.  This is Year 8.

Splinter  Cell: Blacklist

The trailer starts in a Middle Eastern camp that Sam Fisher breaks into.  The blacklist is a terror ultimatum manufactured by multiple terrorist organization.   It is a list of multiple targets for multiple terrorist acts that they will launch if UN troops are not withdrawn from their Iraq/Iran countries.  Using Kinect you can actually speak to distract the bag guys with a “Hey You.”  He can also call down missile attacks using the player’s voice.  – Spring 2013

MADDEN 13 and FIFA13 will both have Kinect.   In FIFA you can call in subs, change tactics and formation on the fly.  For Madden13 (Aug 28th) they called out Joe Montanna.  Calls plays using Kinect mic.

Fables: The Journey

They open with an impressive trailer of this Kinect-Only game.

Gears of Wars: Judgement

They open with a trailer that seems to show a NEW main character.  Very little else is know.

– Bing voice search expanding to Xbox Netflix and new dialect upgrades.

– Xbox Kinect teaming up with Nike.

Microsoft SmartGlass

Because out Smart devices are always in reach when we play video games Xbox decided to exploit that.  Transforms devices you already own (Windows phones, Adroid phones and tablets as well as iPhone/iPad) It gives you info based on what your watching give you extra info and data.  The game application are shown like choosing Madden Plays on your tablet, or up tothe minute Halo stats and waypoint info on your phone.  It also allows you to use your phone as a remote.

Tomb Raider

They opened with an action sequence that looked like Uncharted with tits.  In a good way though.  In the sequence Lara is a using a bow in a very John Rambo style.  Lara is killing people with brutal efficiency like stabbing a guy with an arrows and killing many of them with explosions and shotgun blasts.  This is a visceral game and with brutal combat and insane graphics.   Xbox will have the DLC for this game first.

Ascend: New Gods

A fantasy game that summons mythical creature and warriors to battle the gods themselves.


Iris is a cycle games, which we saw little on, but with talks on assassination and combat.  Little else is known.


By Pirates director, we see a small ball, which looks like it’s from Portal, rolling through a world of blocks

Resident Evil 6

Leon wakes up and is shooting his way through another fallen city.  The zombie are faster, like the creatures from RE4 and 5 but so if Leon.  He can grab weapons off the floor and wall to kill with, like an axe.  The game seems to have a lot more quick-time triggers.  It will also have DLC first on Xbox.


This Kinect game can be basically described as a AngryBirds with a first-person view.  You grab a kinect controlled catapult an fire at castle with multi-powered cannons.

South Park: The Stick of Truth

South Park is destroyed and the four kids, Kyle, Cartman, Stan and Kenny, need the help of the ‘New Kid’ to fight back in an RPG animated by the SP team.  Trey Parker and Matt Stone were pulled on stage.  The two made fun of the Smartglass and other new aspects of gaming world.  They talked about developing the game.  This obsidian-developed game has you, the new kid, becoming the fifth of the four boys.

Dance Central 3

Harmonix is back with a new dancing game.  They brought USHER out to dance and sing on stage.

COD: Black Ops 2

They closed with this, saying that Xbox with get DLC first.

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