Tuesday Test: Star Wars Crossword

Welcome to the last day of Tuesday Test Week – yeah you heard me right: A Week of Tuesdays.  If I were in school I’d hate that.  We finish this week off with space fights and sword duels.  We finish it off with Star Wars.

I love Star Wars.  Always have and always will.  It has been a staple of my geekdom for eons.  Movies, TV Shows, Games, Books — lots and lots of books.   Hell I’m the guy that liked the prequels.  Ok…well….I mean Didn’t hate.

I’ve already done a word search, so this time I did a crossword.  It spans, The films, the books, both KOTOR games, comics, and even the new TOR.  This make be hard so open a holicron if you need help.

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1 Response to Tuesday Test: Star Wars Crossword

  1. Correna V says:

    Is there an answer key to this?

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