Spilled Ink: New 52 week 1 – The Good, Bad and Surprising

So the new 52 has started.  The first week (Technically second if you count the week Justice League was launched) has come and gone and it’s time for a recap.

I will split the recap into three categories.  The Good (obvious what this is), the Bad (again obvious) and the Surprising. (Comics I was surprised about.)

Here we go.

The Good:

Green Arrow – Seeing a young Oliver Queen fight crime using his once trademark gadgets is nice but the real joy is seeing Queen using his money and power in new and exciting ways.  Sure he’s received a makeover via Smallville but I think that’s for the better.  PS anybody else want a QPhone?

Batgirl – This should be in the SURPRISING category but this is too good not to be here.  This was the comic I was expecting to hate more than anything else but I actually loved it.  Shame on me for doubting Gail Simone

Static Shock –  This once Milestone comic character (created by Dwayne McDuffie), once cartoon now belongs to DC and in the main universe.  I was a fan of the cartoon and loved him in the Titans but it’s good to see Static back on his own.  He’s teamed up with Hardware, working for STAR labs and is living in NY, NY with his family.  Good start for his solo series – GO STATIC!!


Action Comics: Look up in the sky, it’s a bird; it’s a plane; it’s not-so-superman!!  DC main hero takes the stage, his comic starting even earlier then JL did, and it has changed everything.  This is no longer Superman, hell we can’t even call him super.  He can’t fly, he’s not THAT strong, and he’s not invulnerable (hell even Toby Maguire could stop a train in Spiderman 2).  His personality is split between the two highest grossing film superheroes: Batman and Spiderman.  In his super form he’s a pissed off vigilante running from the law, busting tanks, and beating up police – IE Batman.  In his civi costume he is a clumsy, awkward teenage freelance reporter, living alone in a small apartment and barely able to make rent.  Hello Peter Parker.  Even his costume is ripped off – from his SIDEKICK CLONE SUPERBOY.  Jeans and a T-shirt? Really?  None of this is Superman and none of this is good.

Justice League International:  I never liked the JLI to begin with, so I am a little biased – I’ll admit it but JLI wasn’t even a good comic.  It had the bases to be good, a solid premise (a Justice League for the UN), a cast of character that have diehard fans (Blue and Gold, Ice and Fire, Guy) and a loyal following from the past.  So how did they screw it up?  First they removed the humour.  JLI was KNOWN and LOVED for their humour.  GONE.  Second they removed the essential parings (No Blue Beetle means no Bwaa Haa Haa, no Martian Manhunter means no Oreo jokes,) and then you already have people quitting.  Isn’t that supposed to be later one?  The worst thing is JLI seems to completely ignore the rest of the DCU.  If the reboot was meant to remove confusion, why are we already adding it?  Batman is suppose to be an urban legend, most of the people in the world don’t believe he even exists – so why is the UN asking for him specifically?

OMAC: This one I wanted to like.  It will probably be good later on but based on the first issue I am a no go to the OMAC.  With art and costume designed straight out of the 80’s comes OMAC.  The first issue is a non-stop beat’em-up.  OMAC pulls a Bruce Banner and smashes his way through a lab for 20-odd pages then wakes up in a desert.  I half expect the comic to end with Bill Bixby walking away to “the Lonely Man” theme.  It was written by Dan Didio and Kieth Giffen so I have faith in it but based on issue one – I’ll pass and stick to the Hulk instead.


Men of War – Meet Rock, Corporal Rock? He’s the man who was a Sergeant, twice, and got demoted each time.  He’s lost count of how many tours he’s done in Iraq, he just wants to fight despite the fact others want him to lead.  This is the reboot of Sgt. Rock, DC answer to the Howling Commandoes and it is good.  I was expecting a piss-poor army story with an unbeatable Sgt and upstart underlings.  I was expecting Losers meets heartbreak Ridge.  I got something different, I got something better.  I got a must read comic.

Stormwatch – Apollo and the Midnighter in mian-verse DC?  No bleed required?  WTF? Best of all they are teamed up with the Manhunter?  This is another good book I was surprised that I like.  Why was I gonna care about Image’s former Superman and Batman ‘omage’  in a comic verse that actually HAD Batman and Superman?  Turn out I do and I liked it more than Justice League.  Turns out the JL deals with the Supervillians, Stormwatch deals with the Alien ones.  Picture Torchwood….with Capes (also I think Apollo and Midnighter are still meant for each other.)

There you go…you’re Can’t misses, surprised I missed that..and how can i stay further away from that? Comics.  Gotta Love em.  See you soon for 53 week 2

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