Spilled Ink: The Dark Knight Returns Animated Movie

It is reported that DC will continue its string of straight-to-DVD animated film with two big named Batman films.  First it is announced that Frank Miller’s story about an elder Batman coming out of retirement, the famous story known as The Dark Night Return is being made into an animated movie.

There is no official word who will be writing or directing the movie, but it won’t come out until after the release of Batman: Year One (directed by Sam Liu and Lauren Montgomery, thanks to Daily Blam) animated conversion.  This story, also written by Frank Miller, tells the story of a young Bruce Wayne just starting as Batman out after his lifetime of training.   DC Entertainment has yet to respond at publication time.

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2 Responses to Spilled Ink: The Dark Knight Returns Animated Movie

  1. rawrmaster says:

    STRONG news!! Those DVD’s are just terrific.
    I linked to a review of their new one, Emerald Knights, the other day (from Geek Syndicate). If you haven’t already seen it, I really recommend Batman: Under the Red Hood. Awesome film. Honestly, I think it’s the best Batman film I’ve ever seen (yeah, better than Dark Knight).

  2. Brett McCoy says:

    I’ve studied animation techniques from Tony White’s two previous books, but this one is the best one yet from this master animator from England. He provides an “over the shoulder” view of animation techniques, and lets you look over his shoulder on how in-betweens are done, how generic walks are created, and so on, as if you are a journeyman learning from the master. He starts off with a 10 part foundation course, with exercises for each section, and moves the journeyman animator into more and more complex animation techniques. I’ve got a long way go to myself in terms of my animation skills but Tony White sure has helped me along. The accompanying DVD is also very good as you get to literally watch him draw in-betweens in traditional 2D animation style, with pencil and paper! Tony also provides some lecture material on doing walks, both generic walks and walks with personality. His teaching style seems so patient and nurturing, it must be wonderful to takes courses directly from him. This book provides the next best thing!

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