42 Screens: Castle Season 3 Trailers

Nathan Fillion has tried and tried at the Television scene, but with little success.  His most famous role, Captain Mal Reynolds in Firefly, died after 13 episodes, his action mystery show Drive ran out of gas after six (see what I did there).  His most successful show was the 60 episodes he stared in on Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place (love that show).

But Nathan has beaten his poor track record with his latest show Castle.  The show, a procedural cop show, stars Nathan as New York Times bestseller Richard Castle.  Castle is a mystery writer who hangs out with the NYPD trailing his newest inspiration Detective Beckets and aiding her solve crimes.

In season 3 we find Castle returning to work with the NYPD.  However he discovers that he has ‘Broken up” with the NYPD.  After his second season finale, Castle departed for a holiday with his ex-wife before Beckett could confess her true feelings for him.

“The entire NYPD is acting like a jilted girlfriend.  He comes back to find out that he’s broken up with the NYPD. He hasn’t called, he hasn’t written, he hasn’t emailed or texted.”  Fillion explains. “[The police are] all pretty upset with him.  He really didn’t know that was going to happen.”

Season 3 begins September 20th

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