Geek This: Jason Wander Series

You should be geeking Jason Wander.

Jason Wander is the youngest Army General in history; he’s a man who went from a private to General in one battle.

This Earth is a place not unlike ours.  We live in relative peace and worry about very little but when mankind discovers they aren’t alone in the universe war comes.  From the Jupiter’s moon, Ganymede, comes mankind’s first alien contact.  Projectiles launched at Earth crash into the surface and vaporize entire cities.

Humans do what they always do when they are threatened, they go to war.  Gambling on a desperate counter-strike, humanity loads a scavenged spacecraft with Vietnam-era weapons and foot soldiers made up of Orphans that no-one will miss.  If they don’t succeed then humanity will quickly become extinct.

Why Care?

The five books in the Jason Wander series follow the rise of Jason Wander, the hero of the battle of Ganymede.  The books are a first-person viewpoint telling of eighteen-year-old Jason coming of age and growth from the eccentric soldier to maverick general.  This epic saga takes place during a decades-long interstellar war, a feat that Robert Buettner said in an interview “Writing generation-spanning space opera through a single, first-person-viewpoint character is like painting the Death Star with a toothbrush.”

Buettner and Jason Wander bring life back into the Military Infantry platoon of sci-fi writing. – 42 Webs

The books, written as deliberate literary homage to Robert Heinlein and Joe Haldeman, have been favourably to the work of “Golden Age” science fiction writers Poul Anderson and Andre Norton.

This space-age military book, which garnered author Robert Buettner (former Military Intelligence Officer) a nomination for a Quill Award for Best New Writer in 2005, recently spawned a spin-off series called Orphan’s Legacy is one of the best books in a new generation of sci-fi writing.  This is a massive must-have for any sci-fi or military men.  Now Geek This!!

Robert Buettner can be followed at his blog.

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