Geekdown: The Best Fathers in Geek

Father Day….It’s all about Dads. Not the best opening I know.  Sue me.   Geekdom is filled with good father, and a whole crap load of shitty ones (Looking at you cast of LOST)  but here are some of geekdoms best Fathers.

7. Jay Sherman and Hank Hill

The animated Father is a tough run to choose from or so you would think.  Truth is it isn’t.  Most are drunk, psychotic and put their children in needless danger.  Jay and Hank are different.  They have their own adventures but truth is they both provide decent and steady home and advice when needed and above all else – they are there for their fathers and support them.

6. Zaknafein Do’Urden

This father and son relationship is weird at best.  The father of the legendary Drizzt is a male – obviously – which makes him scum in Drow society.  The Drow are murderous and evil people, Zaknafein is not and he does not want his son to be either.  He teaches Drizzt how to fight, he teaches Drizzt how to survive, and more importantly he teaches Drizzt how to think for himselve and be good, unlike his evil race.  Zaknafein chooses death to protect his son, and then to make matters worse, he is resurrected and sent to kill his own son.  When his mindless body is about to strike down his son he regains control and re-dies (is that possible) again to save the future Ranger.  Devotion – Check!

5. Harry Mason

Harry Mason is the main protagonist and player character of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. After a car crash in the snowy streets of Silent Hill, he realizes that Cheryl, his seven-year-old daughter is missing.  So he does what any father would – HE GOES INTO SILENT HILL!  That never went bad for anyone.

4. Luke Skywalker

He was the chosen one and son Darth Vader.   So for the Skywalker family the bar wasn’t set that high for good parenting.  Needless to say he and his HOT HOT HOT wife Mara Jade raise a son name Ben Skywalker.  They overcome a lot.  Ben being afraid of the force and shutting it off in his body, in the womb no less; Mara being betrayed and murdered by a close trusted friend, and of course endless war (It’s not a spoiler, it’s in the name) but they do a decent job of raising a young Jedi who is known as a hero.

3. John Winchester

This was an iffy one on the list.  What happens when your wife is murdered by the demon she secretly made a deal with?  You go nuts, decide to hunt the demons and all things like it, and eventually drag both your boys into it.  Sam and Dean have issues, this is the basis of the entire show (that and some subplot about hunting monsters, ghost and urban legends) and they get most of it from Mommy and Daddy.  However, and the reason he is on the list, John is smart, HELLA SMART.  He knows more than anybody does when it comes to the world of hunting.  He trained his kids to be hunters, taught them and readied them for their life, but most importantly he sacrificed himself to save his sons.  That’s fatherhood.

2. Goku

What do you do after you save the world?  You boink the woman-you-have-to-marry-because-you-agreed-to-it-when-you-thought-marriage-was-some-sort-of-food.  Goku has saved the numerous villages and people, he has saved the planet, other planets, the universe, heaven, and a even a youth rec center by putting on a talent show to raise money.  (That was in Dragonball GT right?)  And to top it all off he married a rich princess.  Nice!  With Chi Chi he had two kids, Gohan and my favourite, Goten.  His kids not only are strong like him, they each save the world on their own behave as well.  That’s family commitment for you.

1. Han Solo

This was another iffy one, in principle (In practise not really).  Han Solo married the Princess and had three kids, Jason, Jaina and Anakin, who grew up to be Jedi.  Awesome.  Things go a little airy after that.  Anakin becomes a child soldier who dies in an all-children-suicide-Jedi-mission against the Yuuzhan Vong (he gets an Star Destroyer named after him so it’s all okay).  Jacen, after some bad advice about how there dark side doesn’t really exist, go to the dark side and tried to kill his wife(more or less the woman he just knocked up), kidnaps his daughter, tries to hold the universe for ransom and refuses to pay child support.  Jaina, his twin, trains with her father’s arch enemy, Boba Fett, to learn how to kill her brother and kill him.

However….he’s Harrison Ford so he’s number one!

Truth is Han was there for his children.  He raised them in tough times, let them be their own people and guided them for the future.  Two children choose heroic and honourable paths, one did not.  He gave his children everything they ever needed to grow, but you can only teach them so much before they have to make their own choices.

Even in death, he was still there for his family, for his daughter, and for his evil son.  That is fatherhood in a nutshell.

That being said I hoped you enjoyed the list and Happy Father’s day to you all.

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