Geekdown: Top Ten Pokémon I Want in Pokkén Tournament

So news was released that a new Pokémon game was being announced. Today we got the announcement. Pokken Tournament: a tournament fighter, like Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat, staring the Pokémon from — well —– Pokémon. The game is also being created by the Tekken Team.

Now I would assume that the roster will be limited to mostly humanoid Pokémon and probably mostly fighting-type or fighting themed Pokémon. But who will get in? The trailer shows only Lucario and Machamp but who else would you want in it?

Here are my ten.

10. Primeape

PrimeapePure monkey fury. Infernape will probably get chosen over him but I like the original money the best.

09. Hitmontop
HitmontopSuper Spin Break Dancing Guy!!

08. Heracross
HeracrossA bug who excells at throwing? Done!

07. Blazinkin
BlazikenImagine kicking with fire. Now try to remember that when you have this power DO NOT kick the tires at a car dealership.

06. Poliwrath
PoliwrathI always thought this guy was kewl. He’s big, blue and just tough.

05. Greninja
GreninjaHe’s popular. He’s almost a guarantee.

04. Hitmonlee
HitmonleeBruce Lee themed. In.

03. Mewtwo
MewtwoHe’s Popular. He’s in.

02. Scyther
ScytherBug with blades. Nice!

01. Hitmonchan
HitmonchanI see so much potential. He could be like Green Arrow from Injustice, except for different element arrows he has different elemental punches.

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