Life in Skyrim

AsAlone As You Can Be

I was conversing with my friend Abby today about Skyrim. Yes, that magical computer-generated world of dragons, magic and endless hours of organization. It occurred to me that everyday situations that would happen in Skyrim would likely be hilarious. Firstly… marriage.

Imagine coming back to your house in Whiterun after a long day of bandit fighting and dragon slaying. It’s late and you haven’t been home since last Fredas. You close the door quietly behind you, hopeful not to wake your Nord wife Grelka, but you turn and find yourself face to face with her.

Grelka: Where have you been??

You: Well, uh… I’ve been out slaying dragons.

Grelka: Do you really expect me to accept that excuse again? That’s exactly what you said last time!”

You: I’m the Dragonborn! There are a lot of freaking dragons out there!

Grelka: Don’t get me started on all that Dragonborn nonsense. Do you remember…

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