Spider Notes: Introducing the Flow

9781926903187_p0_v1_s600There is always a feeling that flows through me before I start a new project. It’s part wonder and excitement, it’s part me fleeing from the daunting task that stood before me and its part relief know that I’ll finally get to introduce someone, someone I know deeply and very personally, to this world.

I’d like to introduce — oh wait, it’s not that easy.

Each author has its own approach, apparently we are each very different people, and so with that in mind I can only speak to my own approach.  So keep that in mind as you read forth.

Before I can introduce a character to the world I have to get to know them first. I have to figure out what they believe and how they react to X or Y. I have to know what they do in the audience of others and what they do when they’re alone. I have to know them better then I know myself.

God, does this sound a pretentious as it does to me? My guess is yes.

So after hours, or in some case days (in others frantic minutes), and several inspirational trips to the washroom (don’t ask) I have the answers to all these questions. What happens then? Well then I need the flow.

Okay, I’m about to sound pretentious again.

https://42webs.files.wordpress.com/2014/10/8c715-thismusicsmeallsfunny.jpgEverybody has a flow about them. Flow is a weird word but I can’t find another one that better suits the need. What other word can describe the combination of how a man walks, how he talks, how he moves and how he vibes with the universe. I’m going with flow.

So how do I find the flow of a character? I use music.

I use music for a crap load of writing. When I want to write a certain character I need to get into his mindset, I need to feel what he’s feeling. I do that by music. A happy song has the power to energize me, a sad one to turn my mood foul and a raunchy song will…..well you see where I am going with this.

Sex. I was talking about sex.

https://i0.wp.com/wallpoper.com/images/00/35/40/55/music-funny_00354055.jpgI also use it to get the flow of a character. I use it to feel how a character will react, to feel how a character will gamble, fight and screw (sometimes all at once.). I use it to feel how that character lives. I listen to the music and I feel. I feel that character. Man, what’s with all the feeling. What am I, a woman?

And yes — I do a sing along.  And no — you do not want to here it.

So without further ado, I cannot wait to introduce you (you being — everybody) to Captain Eli Daas. And now, her flow.

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