Geekdown: Auto-Buy Author List

Welcome back to every bodies Favourite Segment  STEALING FROM MATT LEDREW!!  Today I look at the ten authors on my Auto-Buy list.  These are the authors that regardless of knowing ANYTHING about their latest book – I’d pick it up!  So here they are – in no particular order!

WARNING: Many of them are Forgotten Realm authors cause I love the realms.  Also I’ve interviewed a bunch of them!  So…..I’m gonna brag about that too.  Click on the author’s name for their interviews.

She is relatively new to my Auto-Buy list but within the prologue of Brimstone Angles I was hooked.  She write beautifully and in a method that feels natural and for the Realms.  She’s written three books in her Brimstone Angels series and I’m sold for life


The only comic book writer to make my list.  Mr Sakai – I’ve met the man btw – created a Samurai Rabbit that I fell in love with.  I’ll be honest, I first encounter on a lil show called TMNT but since then I’ve demolished his comic.  Sold for life!!  PS I met the GUY!!!!


I picked up his first book – The Name of the Wind – after everybody raved about it and I was smitten.  It’s a book of love, loss, mistakes, and living long enough to become your own legend.

Another Realms author.  The first book of his I read involved raging dragons and a slayer made half of stone.  Next up was a Gryphon ridding warmage.  Either way RLB – I man I got to interview – makes fantasy heroes interesting again.  There are no orphens or true-blue knights.  He has conflicted heroes who live in a world of grey

Realms Author #3.  This man made Erevis Cale – an assassin butler – a ‘hero’ in a dark and twisted world.  He made Egil and Nix, swashbuckling heroes in a darker world.  Now what put Paul S. Kemp squarely in my list is his villians.  He makes terrifying and twisted villians who aren’t just evil for evil sakes.  His villians are greedy and human who lacking the very thing that makes them human – humanity.  (ps.  I got to interview this one as well)

This man write an amazing series.  It’s about a gunner – a gun for hire – in a horrible world.  I often say this book is like Blade Runner with more violence, more action, more brutality and a hell of a lot more swearing.  He also has a urban fantasy series – Trickster – that is DARK!!  It involves bleeding for magic.


So I met this man at Hal-Con and went to his reading for Grasslands.  Then I went to buy a copy – he was sold out.  Damn it.  So I bought The Alien Equation.  It blew me away.  This man excels at taking history and science fiction and breeds them like horses.  Ktam (Oh he is going to HATE that nickname) is a friend of mine and we talk writing but that isn’t the only reason he’s on my Auto-buy list.  He is a brilliant and engaging writer.


Realms Author: Not very much needs to be said about this guy.  He made Drizzt.  He wrote the book that killed Chewie and he has an  amazing writing career.  One summer I started with Crystal Shard and went through the entire run.  Great Summer!


A great author – relatively new – who has taken the fantasy world by storm.  He wrote Mistborn, a book I suggest to the MAX (yeah I said that).  He also finished off the Wheel of Time Series while starting his own epic and throwing in a couple YA books in the middle.  This man is a machine!!


This is not just another Realms author.  To me she is the FIRST realms author.  Without Elfshadow, without Arilyn Moonblade there would be no four other Realms authors on my list.  She opened a world for me and she taught me about good fantasy and good adventure.


Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.  He’s honourary because I already own everything of his and everything that will ever be.  RIP

Because it’s just funnier to have her on my auto-buy list then Matt LeDrew!!

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