Mara Month: Roqoo Depot Interview with Timothy Zahn

Roqoo Depot

To help celebrate Mara Month, we went straight to the source, the creator of Mara, Timothy Zahn. We asked Mr. Zahn what some of of his favorite Mara moments are, how Mara came to be, and more. Enjoy and stay tuned as we will be celebrating Mara all month.

What are some of your favorite Mara moments?

TZ: That’s a hard one — there are so many. If I have to pick three (okay, six): killing C’baoth and saving the day (The Last Command), chiding Luke for his overuse of the Force (Vision of the Future), helping Luke take out a droideka (Survivor’s Quest), letting the Hand of Judgment go (Allegiance), traversing the railing under enemy fire (Choices of One), and her unwelcome but genuine feelings of loss at the end of that book.

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