42 Screens: Original Zelda 3DS Announced

The most successful game on the 3DS is getting a follow up but this time it will not be a remake. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time remake sold 1 million units.

Portuguese gaming site MyGames reports that it sat down with Zelda franchise director Eiji Aonuma prior to a 25th anniversary concert for the series in London.  Aonuma stated that Nintendo has already begun work on an original instalment in the Zelda 3DS franchise.

Aonuma went on to say that while Nintendo has been seriously considering bringing a second Zelda remake to the 3DS the new game will be original. The company decided that games would not enjoy back-to-back remakes. He also said the upcoming game will incorporate elements that were employed in previous instalments in the series.

The Zelda franchise director did not offer an expected release window or any other details for the new game.

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