Spilled Ink: Stardrop

With Hal-Con days away its time to take a look at guest Mark Oakley’s STARDROP (this time hopefully with technical difficulties.)

What happens when a princess from the Galactic Empire decides to run away to an adorable blue planet called Earth?

Not Much.

What happens when her past chases after her?

Chaotic Comedy Bliss.

From the artist mind behind Thieves and Kings, acclaimed cartoonist Mark Oakley, comes Stardrop.

Stardrop is the story about Gyourva Trisanna Ashelle, a Princess who just doesn’t fit in wherever she goes.  So she decides to flee to Earth but as many of us learn you cannot outrun your past.  The cast expands as the members from the Princess’ own personal history begin descending upon her from the stars and bring the chaos of the universe with them.

The story has a strong Atlantic Canada feel while being joined by a anime/manga feel.  The book stokes the memory stands seen when reading shonen manga.  It makes you ask question like ‘How many fiancé’s does Ramna have?” or “What kooky villain is Maka and Soul going to fight night?”

Now that Ramna ½ has been mention there are strong ties to the classic anime/manga.  Much like how the romantic/action/humour manga would drop romantic rivals into the line, each different from the one before it and armed with its own brand of chaos, Stardrop takes the same format to heart.

The first volume, which is a compilation of the strips printed in the Wolfville newspaper The Grapevine, is a wonderful read and should not be missed by anyone.

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