Tuesday Test: Magic the Gathering

Welcome back to Tuesday Test.  I have been away for a while but I am back.  I was running out of ideas but I got a bunch.  It involved of a robbery and a cheese factory.  Needless to say I have new ideas.

This week, to celebrate the release of the Elder Dragon highlander (or as they are now known) Commander decks in stores, I decided to make a word-search based on the long running and fan favourite collectible card game Magic: The Gathering wordsearch.

Magic The Gathering is a game that started in 1993 and one I have been playing since I was in grade four.  This is now 19 years I have been playing.  I go in and out of the game, never really quitting just taking pauses, and I show no signs of stopping.

The game has taken jumps lates in the past couple of years.  we now have Ravinca Guilds, Mirrodin has fallen, we have archenemy and planechase games.   The lore world has even undergone a massive retcon that rewrote what it is to be Planeswalkers, to cast magic, and to be awesome.

So here you go, the first of a couple Magic the Gathering tests.  This is a wordsearch, and I have a lexicon coming.   So push up your glasses, tap your mana, curse Infect, hate the Eldrazi, and just have fun.

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