Tuesday Test: The X-Men

Welcome back to Tuesday Test.  Today I decided to go back to a topic I used in the past.  This test is all about one of the original comic companies.  Marvel.  For as long as I have read comics I have made mine Marvel.  More specifically I decided to focus on the first mutant team of Marvel, The X-Men!

With the new movie coming out this summer, X-Men: First Class, I decided that I should make a Lexicon about my long time favourite team.

I’ve been reading X-Men for ever.  I was shocked when Jean died, I was surprised when she came back.  I was shocked when she died again, not as much as the first time but still shocked, and I was happy when she came back.  The third time we all saw it coming.  I am such a fan I even tried to work out the Summer family line (including alternate time line children who come back in time to hang out) — I got a head ache doing so.  Needless to say…I am a fan.    So Here is a X-Men Lexicon!

How it Works:

You answer the clues like you would a crosswords, using the number at the as the number of letters in the words, then you search the grid for your answer like you would a word search.

This puzzle requires to you to take the real name  and come up with their super-hero name.

Example: I give you Peter Parker, you come up with Spider-Man (or Blue Beetle if you wanna be COMPLETELY WRONG)

This might be difficult but I would never leave you in the lurch.  So if you get stuck relax, take some time off, and go work out in the Danger Room.  It’ll help!

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