42 Screens: Game of Throne Infograph

Game of Thrones is a HIT!!  This is a fact.  The show, which did amazingly in its first episode, has already gotten a second seasonThe popularity has led me to do a wordsearch and soon a crossword.

But for those confused about the families here is a infrograph on the houses I found on the interwebs:  WARNING – This main contain spoilers!

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2 Responses to 42 Screens: Game of Throne Infograph

  1. Bob Affet says:

    I do not remember every watching a series that kept me so captivated, ever. This I believe is my favorite series I have watched yet, and yes that includes The Sopranos. It’s shot so beautifully and looks amazing on my HDTV at my house. Working for DISH Network I know that you get the most and best HD options with DISH. Over 200 national HD channels and HD Free For Life is still an option.

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