Geekdown: Geek Thanksgivings

Here in the great nation of Canada we celebrate Thanksgivings.  For me it is to gather around with friends and family and give thanks for all that we have, all that we have gained, and for what we have not lost.

After a painful and harsh last year, I am thankful for a lot of things in this world, a lot of things in my life, and, in direct context to 42 Webs, a lot of things I am thankful for in the geek world.

Star Wars

Ever since 1977 Star Wars has been big in the world of geek, and now as we close in on 2011, it is nice to know that the works of George Lucas are still significant.  The franchise has had numerous big launches, and lots of important news.  This year saw season 3 of Clone Wars, the launch of Errant Knight, the latest in successful Star Wars comics, and Forced Unleashed 2.  We also have on the future The Old Republic’s launch and the return of Star Wars in theatres with the recent official announcement of Star Wars Saga in 3D.


Writing is a tough gig and those who do it are blessed, but who has been as blessed as to be able to write for the same characters, a character loved by many and by the writer, for 22 consecutive years?  Gauntlgrym launches an new era for R.A Salvatore and his legendary Drow Ranger drizzt


Tugging on the draw string of gaming nostalgia is a delicate process.  Pull to hard and it breaks, pull to weak and nobody notices, but if you pull just right you can recreate, and update, a cherished game from our past and bring it back to the new age of gaming.  EA has done that with the return to awesome, to arcade, and the return to BOOMSHACKLAKA!  NBA Jam is back on the Wii and with great success.

The Dresden Files

A book series is a delicate thing, to throw your character into peril after peril only to have the come out unscathed, but when they don’t you get fear and anger from your fans.  Changes lived up to its name: It changed things but the ending left you cringing, but Harry is back with two newly announced books.  Ghost Story (out this April) and Fairies Queens (Next Year).  Hell’s Bells.


Cee Lo Green

Warning Language:

Cee Lo Green is far from my favourite band or singer, another band hold that title tightly, but Cee Lo Green is amazing.  He crosses genres, breaks norms and makes amazing music.  He announced a third Gnarls Barkley album THEN released this.  Bless be Cee Lo Green.

Harrison Ford

No man has aided my childhood like Mr. Ford.  He has been in more of my favourite movies then anybody else. Star Wars 4,5,6, Clear and Present Danger and Patriot Games, Air Force One, Indiana Jones 1,2,3,4 and that is just to start me off.  Mr. Ford lives in Canada, and although he has been away for work, but if the announced Indy 5 is what keeping him out of our great lands…then SHOO….GETT….OUT!!!

Burn Notice

TV is amazing.  What other medium can tell a story like it does? And Burn Notice tells a great one.  The show, already in its fourth season, has gained great steam and is moving full blast towards its spin off film staring Bruce Campbell and its 5th and 6th season.


Stan Sakai

Comic are give and take, nobody has gold for long, except for one man.  He writes and draws Usagi Yojimbo, and has been solely since 1987, he letters Groo the Wanderer and even wrote and drew for the Simpsons Comics.  The man is GOLD!


4th Edition

Say What you will but I love DND, and I have fallen hard for 4th Ed.  You’ve heard the arguments, you’ve heard the complaints, but DND is gold and I am thankful for its constant evolution.


Geek Love

Guy are thankful for Geek Girls, Girls are thankful for Geek Guys, lesbians and Gays….well they also have very similar geek interest.  The biggest and most important to be thankful about in the geek community is the geeks that we love.  With the people we share our obsessions with, our loves for, and with whom we don’t have to explain why we spent so much on what is essentially a portable and colourful florescent light.  Geekdom would not be what it is without them.   Find the geek you love, sit down with him or her — or it, grab some dice, pick up some cards, and put in that disc.  What ever it is just enjoy it with them.

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