42 Screens: Sarah Jane Adventures and Doctor Who Trailers

We all love Doctor Who….except for that guy there…not you the one to the left of you.   Yeah you….shame

But we all love, or should love, Sarah Jane Adventure.  SJA season 4 begins Monday over the pond.  SJA is the Doctor Who spin-off staring Elizabeth Sladen as her famous role.  In this child’s show, but still better then most stuff on tv adult or anything, works with her adopted son Luke, a girl named Rani (Not THE …just A. Yes I know the confusion – Look over there!!) K9, Mr. Smith and the always awesome Clyde.  Season 4, which will begin with The Nightmare Man, is highly anticipated, but maybe for nothing else then the two parter Death of the Doctor.

In this Episode the 11th Doctor makes his first appearance on the show (the second for ANY Doctor) but appears not alone.  He shares the spotlight with not only one former companion (Sarah Jane) but the return of Katy Manning as former companion Jo Grant.

For real Whovians Jo Grant was the companion for the Third Doctor and the companion that was replaced by Sarah Jane herself.  So without further ado — Here is the trailer.

The Grand Moff has been boasting about this year’s X-mas special, and we have some of our first clips – yet there is a but- BUT they are mixed in with a large amount of other upcoming BBC shows.  This may sound cruddy, but the few seconds are worth it.  There is another bonus.  You get to see scenes from the new upcoming shows of a certain Christopher Eccleston and this guy that might be famous David Tennent.


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