givawayIt’s giveaway time!!

This is fun time of the year where I get to give away free books to eager readers. It’s not often that I get to do this so I very am excited too be able to give the gift of the written word. All you have to do is enter by clicking HERE!!


  • 1 of six (6) physical books – signed however you want them
  • Free VCO bookmarks drawn by Valerie Gent
  • DRM-Free epub of my VCO ebooks
  • Other Goodies!
  • My admiration!

You can win all that? LE GASP!! How can this be true? Is it true? IT IS!!! I get to be Oprah and give all this away!  You get a book! You get a book! You get a book!




All contestants must submit the form but aside from that there are additional ways to win. Between September 10, 2017 – Sept 30, 2017 do the following to get ballots

    • Sign up for the drawing by clicking on the button below or here – 1 Ballot
    • Share this link on twitter and tag @42webs  – 1 Ballot
    • Share this link on Facebook and tag Larry Gent – 1 Ballot
    • Smile – PRICELESS (This doesn’t get you a ballot but, hey, we can all smile a lil more)


  • Just by signing up you’ll get a free ebook. See, you’re already getting books just by signing up.
  • Winners of any additional ebooks will receive an email to coordinate delivery via email.
  • Winners of any physical books will be contacted by email to coordinate delivery via snail mail.



Q – What if I don’t want the book made out to somebody other than me?

A – It’s your book. Do you want me to sign it to your significant other? I’ll do that. If you want me to sign it to your grandma? I’ll do that. Do you want me to sign it to you cat? I’ll do that. [Funny story: I’ve done that at a con before. I wrote most of the dedication in meows.  I thought it was purrrrfect]


Q – Where can I get the book shipped?

A – To your home?  I dunno.  Pretty much anywhere. We’ll figure that out via email when you win.

Q – What can I do with my epub after I’ve got it?

A – Whatever you want. Share it with friends and family. Read it to your dog. Use it as a bedtime story for you cat. It’s yours. Enjoy!

Q – Why are you doing this act of good? Are you Santa? Are you Batman? Are you both?

A – Hush!! The secret of Bat-Santa must remain just that, a secret.

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