Geekdown: Weird Al Parodies

I might have revealed this before but I am a MASSIVE Weird Al Fan. Seriously. MASSIVE – and a BIG FAN – and HARD CORE FAN.

To Summarize: when it comes to Weird AL i’m Big, Massive and Hard: WAIT.

That came out wrong.

Mr. Weird Al just released his new CD – Mandatory Fun – and to celebrate I’ve been looking at all thing Weird All. I looked at the Top Ten Weird Al Originals. Now I’m looking at the Top Ten Weird Al Parodies

NOTE: Yes I know your fav song (insert title here) didn’t make it.  To you – and only you – I say this.  IT WAS #11.  I SWEAR!!

1. Fat

This is the best of all Weird Al’s parodies. It’s based on MJ, it has a GREAT video, it funny as hell and the song is brilliant. This is what happens when you take a GREAT song and give it to another GREAT musician to parody it.   You get a GREAT SONG PARODY.

2. White and Nerdy

After many years of ‘being gone’ in many people’s mind, this song brought Weird Al back to the forefront. It is also one of my personal anthems.

3. Amish Paradise

This song made Weird Al – in the words of Chamillionaire – GANSTA. This opened up Al to the rap world. After this he did P-Diddy, Eminem and Chamillionaire

4. Yoda

His first Star Wars song. He took a puppet and made him even more legendary then he was.

5. It’s all about the Pentiums

As a geek I love computers. As a geek Weird Al loves computer. As a geek and a Weird Al fan I love hearing about how Weird Al loves computers.

6. Like a Surgeon

Rumour has it that Madonna gave Mr. Weird the idea for this song herself.

7. The Saga Begins

Another Star Wars song. For many people this was the best part of Episode One.

8. Another One Rides the Bus

This is the first one. This is the parody that started it all. Ok technically it was My Bologna BUT this is the one that skyrocketed him.
HEY – he’s gonna sit by you.

9. Tacky

How do you save a GREAT song after it’s been played to death by the internet, radio, and TV? You let Weird Al have a crack at it. He saved this song.

10. Party in the CIA

This wasn’t the most popular song on the Alpocolypse CD – A Miley Cyrus parody – but unlike Born this Way, Whatever you Like, Another Tattoo and TMZ (which were great song btw) Party has some incredible lyrics. It was smart and funny, playing on facts, rumours and movie legend all rolled into one great song.

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