Geekdown: Best Weird Al Originals

I have been a big Weird Al fan for years, like years and years. There may have even been a couple years before that – but that’s it.

Amongst Weird Al fans you find the discussion of what is better, the parodies or the original music? Some think that the songs he writes, like Skipper Dan, Everything you know is Wrong and Dare to be Stupid, are better than some of his parodies. Others think that him making fun of popular music is superior.

To this argument I have a very simple comment.


His latest album – Mandatory Fun – has been released. To celebrate, here are – in my opinion – are the best Weird Al original songs.

  1. Skipper Dan

This song is the perfect combination of hilarity and desperation.

  1. Dare to be Stupid

Seen on the The Transformer: The Movie soundtrack. Nobody knows why.

  1. Frank’s 2000″ TV

This song made me want a large screen TV. I say give it two years before Target tries to sell me one this big.

  1. Everything You Know is Wrong

This song is SO FREAKING RANDOM! Also taught me a lot about life

  1. The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota

FOR NOW. Guess who has a new hobby!!

  1. I Remember Larry

Hey: I’m Larry. You know – for some reason I’ve never finished this song.

  1. The Night Santa Went Crazy

Violent and a satire on the fear based news society that exist in our culture —– aww screw it. Santa suppose to be nice and he’s killing people. It’s funny.

  1. Trigger Happy

Everything I know about gun control comes from this son….OMG IT’S COMING STRAIGHT AT US!!!

  1. This is the Life

It’s about Bruce Wayne being rich.

10. Weasel Stomping Day

I love this holiday!!! I get to see my family.



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