Geekitorial: Greedo Shot first – Not Han

So recently I wrote an editorial for Geeks Versus Nerd’s Online Magazine!  This one deals with a topic near and dear to my heart, Star Wars.

For this write up I decided to look at the famous words scrawled on shirts all across the world.  HAN SHOT FIRST

So this is it, this is the moment where you stop loving Geeks Versus Nerds.  You’ve been to the show, you religiously download the podcasts, and you even pointed at me when you suddenly see me and say something like “Hey you’re the man in the hat!  Get out of my bedroom!”

But all that is meaningless after you read my next words.  They are words so horrifying to most, so terrifying, and so vile that most get sick just by hearing them.  They are also words that I try to live by.

Greedo shot first and Star Wars was BETTER for it.

Read the full article here

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