I love Jim Butcher’s books. I have been a big fan of the Dresden Files ever since the show led me to the books. It was downhill from there. My love, and impatience, got me to break my golden rule.

“Don’t buy Hardcovers.”

I mean honestly, who can wait another six months after the book is out ot read about Harry? Who I tell you? Nobody – that’s who!!


I just found out that one of the genre authors, Jim Butcher, that my husband and I read and listen to on audio will now be publishing Steampunk novels.


Based on the description mentioned in the article above he had us at: “…talking cats, who are horrid little bullies.”

I cannot wait for him to complete this and I can start another new adventure.

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  1. pattybones2 says:

    Actually, I buy the audiobook versions of Jim Butcher’s books through audible.com and they are available at the same time as the hardcovers. This way my husband and I listen to them together and not wait for either of us to get done with it first!

    OH, BTW thanks for the re-blog!

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