Spilled Ink: Doctor Who/Star Trek Crossover

Recently the Geeks Versus Nerds Online Magazine went live!  They will be filling out inter-tubes with geeky, and nerdy, goodness.

A buddy of mine, Matt LeDrew, decided to throw his hat into the ring and join the GVN:OM writing staff.  He’s a energetic writer who just bombarded me with all sorts of reviews.

Recently he wrote an review for their online magazine.  He looked at the Doctor Who/Star Trek: TNG Crossover comic that IDW put out.  It’s a great review that allows us to examine the worlds of TNG and DW and see how they mess together.  I’d love to claim credit for the article but I probably shouldn’t

I’ve been a fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation since I was five years old. It’s something I’ve always loved, and one of the few things I was able to enjoy on one level as a child and can now enjoy on another level as an adult. TNG especially, to me, is the definitive mark of the franchise, though your experience may vary.I became a fan of Doctor Who only in this past year with the purchase of my Netflix account, after repeated insistence from my girlfriend that it was “awesome.” And it is. It’s truly a wonderful show, and every episode is just remarkably crafted. There are no “misses” I’ve seen yet.

So when I found out IDW was doing a crossover comic featuring both franchises I should’ve been excited… right?

Read more at Geeks Versus Nerds

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