Tuesday Test: Justice League Crossword

Welcome Back to Tuesday Test!  Today we hope across the hall to go to DC.  It’s time for the Justice League!

1 part Rich Playboy, 1 part Demi-God and 1 part Diana – plus others – and you have the Justice League.  So I got a big response to my Avenger’s crossword so I decided to touch on the other side.  This time I did DC super hero team.

This crossword is different.  I have given you a name…a regular everyday name, like say Timothy Drake.  You fill in the super-hero name that they use. – Robin.  Simple? In theory yes.  I’ve decided to span the JLA line up from classic, to JL: Detroit, JL:International, JL: Dark  and Even JL: Antarctica.  So if it has, had or will have the word Justice League in it, its fair game.  Fair warning though, heroes use different names and some even rotate names.   So be careful.  If you need help call out.  The Justice League is always there.

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