Tuesday Test: Avengers Crossword

Welcome Back to Tuesday Test!  Today we get ready for this weekend’s movie event.  It was one five movies in the making.  It’s THE AVENGERS!!

Take 1 part Super Soldier, 2 Part Assassins, 1 part Rich Playboy, 1 part Demi-God and 1 part Hulk and you have the Avengers.  Add in a whole wop of other characters and you have the long running comic franchise.

This crossword is different.  I have given you a name…a regular everyday name, like say Jessica Drew.  You fill in the super-hero name that they use. – Spider-Woman.  Simple? In theory yes.  I’ve decided to span the Avangers line up from classic, to New Avengers, Sectret Avengers, Mighty, Avengers: Initiative, Dark Avengers, and Even Great Lakes Avengers.  So if it has, had or will have the word Avengers in it, its fair game.  Fair warning though, heroes use different names and some even rotate names.   So be careful.  Avengers Assemble!

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6 Responses to Tuesday Test: Avengers Crossword

  1. brandon ross barnes says:

    Number 12 is wrong clint barton is hawkeye butthat wont fit in the space

    • Xanthor says:

      MWAAHAHAHA Another one falls into my trap. Hawkeye isn’t the ONLY superhero name that Clint Barton has used.

      • brandon ross barnes says:

        Well what about luke cage his real name was carl lucas and that doesnt fit either

      • Xanthor says:

        I gave you his commonly used name : Luke Cage – you had to give me his Superhero name…which in this case…was Power Man

        There I gave you the answer to number 1 ENJOY!

  2. Kes says:

    Was 28 supposed to be tony stark

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