H.N. Sieverding

What is better?  Writing for your readers or writing for yourself?

For example, I so want to kill that annoying little chick that supposed to be my main character.  I can’t stand her and I want her to die, she’s not the wonderful person I thought she was going to be when I first started writing the book.  But there is this ‘invisible’ rule see.  One that says readers don’t like when you kill characters they’ve grown to like or have been the main character for half or more of the story.  It makes them mad or something.


This leads to a question I have asked myself a few times when writing.  Do I write for the favor of my readers or my own.  I’m selfish and I pick my own.

Why?  Because I can.  It is MY story after all.

I also hate when people read my stories and start whining that I don’t follow the traditional mold…

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