Tuesday Test: Wind Waker

Welcome back to Tuesday Test.  This is Day 3 of a Week of non-stop Tuesday so this means 2 things.  A) another test in this week of Tests and B) I am never buying back alley calenders again.  Today’s Topic: The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker.  Also It’s boat shaped.

Everybody loves Ocarina of Time (or OOT) and it is wildly believed to be one of the best games in all of gaming history.  I even did a crossword for it.  Personally, in the Zelda series, I love Link’s Awakening and this game.  Is it any surprise that a sailor boy like me loves Wind Waker?  I get to sail Hyrul and fight pirates, shoot cannon, and when the parrot’s get too annoying, I can stab them.

So this crossword is all about WW, WW and nothing but WW.  Spoiler: WW stands for Wind Waker.  I never leave you hanging so if you stuck ask an owl.

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